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Alty’s At The Races.

Alty’s mechanic Rob Pate is seen here racing at Cadwell Park on the 1st Oct 2012. The car belongs to Steve Alty, both Steve and Rob drove down to Cadwell Park in the actual car that was racing, this made the race itself quite a tricky drive for Rob as they had no way of getting  home had he lost control and rendered the car non-road-worthy. This didn’t deter Rob from putting his foot down in the customised Saab and making a great show of his, and the car’s talents.

Alty’s Staff

Malcolm and his son, Malcolm Jr, are very keen Saab enthusiasts and can tune, modify and service Buy cheap Topamax cars to award-winning standards.

Alty’s General Images

Alty’s Before we started

Alty’s After Images

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