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1. Can you fit a light bulb for me?

like an everyday home light bulb. Push it and turn it to 90 degrees and it’s done. The biggest fault most customers do? They get the wrong bulb to start off with. If you put the wrong bulb in then it can upset modern day car computers and it doesn’t know what it’s doing. You get lights coming on that shouldn’t be coming on.

2. On the phone – “Is that Springfield Motors?”

Yes we are Springfield Motors. We’ve been under the Alty’s name for two years now.

3. Common Issues/Things to look for

The Saab 93 can suffer from water pump failure. People often change their cam belt at 70,000 miles and the pumps are going at 60,000. It always on diesel car although you might hear it on a petrol car. We’ve had about four or five in. It’s a common problem for Saab and Vauxhall vehicles and should definitely be brought to somebody’s attention. You could be reading this right now and think: “I’ve got one of them, I better get it checked.”

We’ve seen Saab 95s go to the scrapyard because they suffer from sludge in the sump. This blocks up the oilways and after the first time you go down the motorway the engine could fail due to oil starvation. Say you paid £1500 for the vehicle you’re more than likely looking at £3000 for an engine. The sump should be taken off every ten years and cleaned out. People are not aware of the internal impacts that lead to the sump building up. It’s not a modern problem but more of a second hand problem. For the sake of taking the sump off, cleaning it, the engine’s saved.

“If I had to recommend something to anyone, if you’ve just bought a car and you haven’t got a history on it, change your cam belt! It’s a lot of money to fix the engine, if you’ve got 16 valves between £12-£20 each, it turns out a very expensive job.”
It can be surprising just how many people ignore the cam belt. It’s a piece of rubber belt and if it breaks the damage it can cause is probably three times more than what you paid for the car. Instead of a cheap cam belt job it ends up a major engine overhaul just for the sake of changing a cam belt.

Alty’s Simple Car Checks

We have constructed some instructional videos below that show and explain how to do common checks and solutions on cars.

Video: Check Your Water

Video: Check Your Washer Fluid

Video: Check Your Wipers

Video: Check Your Oil